Great team

Working with equal partners, under the wings of the Dutch government, gives so much energy. This just has to come out good.

Valuetracking method

PeopleFlows is a spin-out of a collaboration of several companies. We create according to the ValueTrack method: forming an expert team with different backgrounds to ensure a rock-solid innovative power and lightning-fast development that fully matches the stakeholder analysis (study performed and directed by Economic Affairs and Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

The Value Track Network aims to increase the impact of high tech solutions to global challenges. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, the Value Track ‘People Flows’ enables multi-stakeholder collaboration to bring both opportunities and constraints to the surface. This way we can work together on market breakthroughs to deliver an actual integrated solution for people to move from A to B in a safe, secure and comfortable way. It’s not just a one-off event triggered by Covid-19 challenges but this is a significant opportunity that goes beyond.

Current Partners


Tessa Blankers, Postdoctural Researcher University of Amsterdam.
It has become clear that behavioral interventions are of top priority to combat the current crisis. At the same time, we know that behavior is highly context dependent and currently, the context is changing at an unprecedented pace. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find ways to investigate what interventions work best in promoting desirable behavior in the current situation. To directly test the effectiveneness of different interventions.

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Partnering up!
We are looking for partners to strengthen our team in this ValueTrack project, backed by the Dutch Government! Obtain tailored market insights and relevant connections aligned to your field of expertise and ambitions. Participate in Collective Development through your Development Dashboard. The Development Dashboard consists of four components. Each component shows one aspect of the overall development cycle. As a whole it creates a market feedback loop to reflect market movements based on combined stakeholder perspectives.