Privacy policy

When operating our software, we respect the privacy of everyone who uses it. We guarantee that the personal data you provide will be treated confidentially. Your personal data will only be used to the extent necessary for the provision of our services. Otherwise, your personal data will only be used with your explicit consent.

PeopleFlows offers a closed system to allow daily life to approach normal status. A crucial part of PeopleFlows is the processing of personal data for monitoring, coordinating, and directing people flows at events, company locations, event halls, etc. Our customers are companies that choose the PeopleFlows solution to secure and streamline access to their event/location so that their visitors are granted quick and efficient access. People Flows uses facial recognition to grant the registered contactless access to the location.

In short, the flow consists of the following components:

  1. The User of PeopleFlows registers himself and gives the application access to his data for a specific location.
  2. The access control of the building is equipped with the PeopleFlows access application.
  3. The user is recognized by facial recognition.
  4. The application checks whether the user can access the location based on conditions.
  5. A green or red frame appears on the application. In green, the user can continue. In the case of red, the user receives a personal message on his own smartphone with the reason for disapproval (for example: no valid admission ticket).

To the extent requested or relevant, the provision of our services requires an indication of your name, (e-mail) address, telephone number, date of birth and biometric characteristics. This data is used and stored to the extent necessary to be able to perform our services properly. Personal data is stored through a secure server environment, managed by Exonet BV (

Https is used for the communication of the APP with the backend system, so the communication between client and backend is encrypted. The API is secured by bearer token communication. The backend is secured with login/password and 2-way authentication.

The PeopleFlows application works by detecting faces that are below the registered ones. These images are fully encrypted and sent to our hyper-secure cloud server where they are converted into a series of face measurements (we call them Feature vectors) which are then compared to the encrypted registered ones. After this action (positive or negative outcome), the data will be completely deleted.

PeopleFlows will under no circumstances sell your personal data. The persons who are under our responsibility, as well as third parties engaged by us, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Third parties can only take note of your personal data insofar as they are involved in the performance of our services.

PeopleFlows is Privacy by design en Privacy by default.

Privacy by design: When designing, maximum privacy and only those data that are requested that are necessary have been considered.

Privacy by default: Personal data is never publicly visible, and the user decides for himself where his data may be used and can decide at any time to delete his data altogether. No photos and videos of people are stored on a server.

Cookies are only used to increase the user-friendliness of our services; therefore, no user profiles are created by means of cookies and you’re surfing, and search behavior is not tracked in order to serve commercial purposes.

Newsletters from PeopleFlows, as well as any special offers and promotions, will only be received with your explicit consent. In this context, you will not receive any offers from third parties. If you no longer appreciate the receipt of the newsletter, special offers or promotions of PeopleFlows, you can make this known in the manner designated by us.

If you make a payment through our software, this is done by means of a secure web environment. Your payment details will also only be kept for as long as this is necessary for the execution of our services.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy of PeopleFlows, please contact us on

PeopleFlows b.v.
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