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PeopleFlows Introduces Privacy-by-Design Vault at CES 2022

With the Mobile-Data-Vault, citizens unlock their digital future and retain control over their own data

Maastricht, Netherlands, 5 January 2022 – Even though digitization offers many opportunities, it remains a major concern that organizations collect, store and exchange data on servers. After all, the privacy rights of individuals may not be violated. PeopleFlows therefore introduces the Mobile-Data-Vault, a tool that allows everyone to securely retain control over their own data, because the company believes all people should have a simple and safe way to control how much information they want to share and with whom.

The Mobile-Data-Vault is a highly secured and easy-to-use app that allows citizens to determine who has access to their privacy-sensitive documents such as covid certificates, identity documents, driving license, diplomas, or bank accounts. PeopleFlows biometric authentication gives the users full control to store and use data for all sorts of services: from checking in at the airport to accessing a stadium or your office building. An important aspect is that the data is not stored on a server, but literally in a personal digital vault of the citizen himself.


Features of the app
The technology of the Mobile-Data-Vault uses GDPR-proof recognition of the characteristics of a face. The user’s face is converted into a unique virtual key that gives access to the encrypted Mobile-Data-Vault App via a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Only the rightful person is given the power to decide with whom this sensitive data may be shared. Both recognition and access validation take place in the app itself. It is therefore completely offline with zero risk of any data leak to a server. With this Privacy-By-Design approach, the use of biometric recognition has a clear processing purpose.


PeopleFlows is already used in The Netherlands to give vaccinated or tested participants quick access to large-scale events – with the mandatory EU corona entry pass.

In addition, there are countless other applications that PeopleFlows is introducing. Think about:

  • Organizations and institutions like hospitals that want to be able to quickly check the Corona Entry Pass and other credentials from their employees, contractors, and visitors.
  • Companies and organizations requiring very secure procedures for access to spaces, processes and documentation that are highly qualified and for protecting their IP, while at the same time taking care of employee and private individual interests in protecting their personal data.
  • Airports and airlines that want to create a fast lane experience for their travelers with biometric checks of the Corona Entry Pass, the boarding ticket, and the compliance with travel policies.
  • Healthcare institutions can request access to (part of) an electronic health record by means of a push message. Users can also preset who they authorize access to their health record.
  • In care homes, the Mobile-Data-Vault can be used to increase the living circle of residents without having to wear stigmatizing tags.
  • Social media companies can require users to identify themselves with the Mobile-Data-Vault. This allows them to counter trolls who are often responsible for disinformation or threats. The app can also ensure that children do not see inappropriate content. Users in turn receive guarantee that their personal data will not be stored without permission.


Fighting fraud
Theo Breuers, CEO of PeopleFlows BV: “I believe controlling how much information we wish to share about ourselves, with whom and for what purpose, is a fundamental right in our digital society.”

PeopleFlows BV in turn does everything it can to protect the personal data of users from cyber criminals. Users of PeopleFlows will be immediately informed in case of a security incident so they can decide what to do with their data.

PeopleFlows is now available for your organization. Visit us at CES2022 January 5-7, booth number 61928 stand 18 (Venue Sands G – Eureka Park) or give us a call!