Why choose PeopleFlows

Retain control over your data


Digitization offers many opportunities these days.


But it remains a major concern that organizations collect, store and exchange data on servers we don't have control over.


We introduce 'the vault', a tool that allows everyone to securely retain control over their data.

Unique key

Biometric authentication gives the users full control to store and use data for all sorts of services! Your face is the key, use it.

For all users

Using the vault


The Mobile-Data-Vault is a highly secured and easy-to-use app on your smartphone.


The Mobile-Data-Vault allows you to determine who has access to your privacy-sensitive documents such as covid certificates, identity documents, driving license, diplomas, or bank accounts. Because your data is stored in your personal digital vault, and your face is the key, it is possible to use your face instead of your ticket during access control. Your face instead of your password. Your face instead of your key to open a door. In other words, it makes it easier for both you and the controller to work together to ensure that your personal data is used in a secure way to speed up access control, eliminate fraud and make it completely contactless.


You create your vault-account once, registering your facial features as the secure key to your vault and you then decide which data you add to your safe. An important aspect is that the data is not stored on a server, but literally in your own digital vault.

For your business

Use the vault in your business
By using PeopleFlows Access you make it possible in many applications to validate the personal data of visitors, employees or stakeholders based on the consent of the data owner and the purpose of the access. PeopleFlows Access becomes your gatekeeper!

Office Building

Combination of time registration and Corona Entry Pass for your employees.

Private Documents

Protect private documents from unwanted eyes.

Care Homes

Increase the living circle of residents without stigmatizing tags.

Social Media

PeopleFlows can ensure that children do not see inappropriate content.


Cut the waiting line at the entrance with the Fast Lane solution.

Covid-19 check

Quickly check the Corona Entry Pass from your employees, contractors and visitors.

Ready for the digital future?